Temecula Vineyard and Temecula Dining and Temecula Catering
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Visit Temecula Vineyards with enough information to make your wine tasting a special weekend:
  • Wine Tasting Price Comparison
  • Various Wine Clubs Price vs Value Comparison
  • Temecula Vineyard and Temecula CA maps
  • Temecula Events, Temecula Vineyard Hot Air Balloons, Temecula Limos and Temecula Tours
  • Temecula Restaurants and Hotels

The Temecula Vineyards are the ideal place for a lazy afternoon or the perfect romantic rondevue. Let Temecula-Vineyard.com set you up with all the information you need to make your plans. Let us help you find that perfect Temecula Winery that has with the best prices.

For example, you want to take your best girl for an afternoon of Temecula wine tasting. Our Wine Tasting page provides all the detailed info for each vineyard's tasting room with cost, how many wines you taste, the tasting room's time and date of operation, and whether you can expect a hotel or restaurant at the Temecula vineyard.

Temecula-Vineyard.com has a referance guide for pairing wine to cheese or food, a directory of the wines you can find in Temecula, a ton of info about the various wine clubs and their benefits and much more.

The PERFECT WINE TASTING DAY ends with a trip to Temecula Catering for a once in a lifetime culinary experiance with Chef Michael. The Iron Chef of Temecula started his career at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel before opening Temecula Catering. His intimate, appointment only restaurant called Chez Michele can be reserved for an intimate party of two or a group of at most 16. The chef will treat you to Temecula Dining like you have never experianced. We highly recommend this restaurant to bridal parties, anniversary dinners, intimate cooking classes, and just about any event that you want to make special. A day at the Temecula Vineyards finished with a visit to Temecula Catering is my favorite way to impress.

One last note, for all those brides and grooms looking to impress their guests -- look up Temecula Catering for a tasting. A Temecula wedding without Temecula Catering is a real over site. It only takes one glance at his wall where food is the art or one taste of his food to know that your wedding will be remembered by all for years to come.

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